Climate Changes – The Cosmic Era

by Josef Kemény

Climate changes take place because of the well-known greenhouse effect and cosmic radiation.

The Greenhouse Effect

The term greenhouse effect and its negative influence on climate changes are probably known to most people. In other words: it causes natural disasters like, among other things, floods and hurricanes. The greenhouse effect was created by the population of the Earth and their industry. It is scientifically substantiated and there is no need to say more about it.

Cosmic Radiation

Our galaxy, the Milky Way, has a diameter of around 100,000 light years; Our solar system is around 28,000 light years away from the centre of the Milky Way. In the Milky Way’s centre as in all galaxies, there is a black hole attracting all matter, including light. Therefore, our solar system is on its way towards the centre of the Milky Way at a speed of around 1,000 km/h. Closer to the centre of the galaxy, the so-called black hole, the speed increases to around 1,400 km/h.

The centre of the Milky Way and our solar system.

The Black Hole (1)

In each galaxy there is a so-called black hole and according to the writers Nigel Henbest and Adrian Berry the definition of the black hole is ‘Where time stops and space collapses. ’ Black holes turn everything we know about reality upside down. They are infinitely dense, they distort time and space and may even have direct contact with a new world being created. What astronomers have maintained in their theories is completely correct, namely that we are heading towards the black hole. The first person to scientifically substantiate the black hole was the Russian astronomer Karl Schwartzschild in 1916.

The Black Hole (2)

Some astronomers maintain that it would be possible for us to travel into a black hole and immediately turn up in another world. The black hole is a gate to another world being created in the galaxy’s interior. This means that the gate exists at another level of vibrations invisible to us and that matter with the same frequency or level of vibrations can pass through without obstructions. Thus, by the black hole’s attracting matter such as suns and stars, the galaxies locate all their solar systems internally in the same order, and life then continues in the interior of the galaxies. In the future, everything we see of a galaxy’s exterior will end up in its interior and the canopy of heaven will never more be visible from the other galaxies. You can compare a galaxy with a glove turned inside out

In the interior of the galaxy we find ‘anti-matter’ systems. Anti-materia is characterized by the fact that its atomic nucleus, composed of anti-neutrons and anti-protons, has a negative charge and the positrons circling the nucleus are positive. So-called ‘koino-matter’ (all our closest surroundings consist of that) is to be found on the galaxy’s exterior and is characterized by the fact that its atomic nucleus consists of neutrons and protons with a positive charge and circling electrons with a negative charge.

All living matter: suns, stars, planets and moons will be a part of a so-called ‘physical renovation. ’ That is, the matter of each living celestial body will be changed into another level of vibrations the closer it comes the centre of the galaxy. Our solar system is part of this course as well, because we too are on our way towards the black hole at the centre if the Milky Way. All matter will eventually be turned into the anti-matter existing in the interior of the black hole. The English professor J.J. Hurtak writes about the transformation of the Earth into another level of vibrations in his book The Book of Knowledge.

Solar eruptions, violent sunspots and powerful sun arcs. The magnetic field in the sun’s atmosphere has changed dramatically!

The course of transforming the koino-matter of a celestial body into anti-matter and at the same time into a different level of vibrations affects directly the gravitation and magnetic fields of the celestial body. This takes place according to the laws of nature. When materia is subject to transformations, its magnetic field is also affected; This goes on in our galaxy at this moment. Because of the fact that the materia of the celestial bodies is undergoing a transformation the magnetic field of our sun is also transformed. This transformation takes the shape of cosmic radiation and affects directly climate changes on Earth. The closer our solar system comes to the centre of the Milky Way, the faster and more vigorous the climate changes will occur because of the active cosmic radiation. A powerful magnetic field decreases the amount of cosmic radiation whereby fewer clouds appear and the Earth becomes warmer. In that way cosmic radiation regularize the Earth’s cloud cover. The cloud cover is very important for the Earth’s climate. When the magnetic field is weakened more cosmic radiation can penetrate the atmosphere, more clouds are formed and the Earth is cooled. This process can explain the connection between the transformation of matter, solar activity and the climate of the Earth.

”If the connection between the amount of clouds and cosmic radiation is not pure coincidence, the explanation has to be that the sun has become more active”, says Professor Michael Lockwood at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in England. Prof Lockwood has made a new and important discovery; something has happened on the sun, something that can change our entire concept of climate changes during the last one hundred years. The magnetic field of the sun’s atmosphere has changed dramatically by a factor much larger than he thought possible. Since 1900, the sun’s magnetic field has become 2.5 times larger than previously. Our climate systems are so sensitive that even a minor increase coming from the sun affects the Earth, Prof Lockwood emphasizes.

Short summary

The causes behind climate changes are for example the greenhouse effect and cosmic radiation

1. The Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect is a result of the extensive use of fossil fuels leading to large discharges of carbon dioxide. 30 per cent of the incoming long-wave heat radiation from the sun is normally reflected back to space. Nowadays, an increased proportion of this heat radiation is absorbed by the atmosphere’s steam, carbon dioxide and ozone. This causes a so-called greenhouse effect which could lead to a long-term rise of global temperature. The atmosphere’s temperature, structure and chemical and electrical properties change with altitude above the surface of the globe, which has caused a division of the atmosphere into different layers. The greenhouse effect boosts the course of the climate changes, but there is a possibility to at least partly regulate its effects on the climate.

2. Cosmic Radiation

At the centre of each galaxy there is a so-called black hole. The black hole is described as an area in space, surrounding materia which has shrunk into immense density and therefore has no cubic capacity. The area is circumscribed by a sphere, the event horizon, whose radius is called the Schwartzschild radius after Karl Schwartzschild who described these circumstances a couple of years after Albert Einstein had published the general relativity theory. The Schwartzschild radius is proportional to the mass of the black hole. From the area inside the event horizon no light can reach the surrounding space, whereby the black hole remains invisible. The English astronomer John Michell discussed this topic as early as in 1784, William Herschel in 1791 and Pierre Simon de Laplace in 1796.

The black hole is a gate to the interior of the Milky Way. There, an anti-matter system prevails. In other words: another world is being created at another vibration level. All materia in the shape of stars, suns and planets is on its way towards the centre of the Milky Way and will pass through the black hole. matter has already entered and continues doing so. Considering the fact that the constellations we see are several million years old, the question is whether they still exist today. Sagittarius, Cygnus and Centaurus are examples from the centre of the Milky Way and whose constellations we see clearly today. They may already have passed through the black hole and be located in the interior of the Milky Way. During the voyage towards the centre of the galaxy the matter of all living celestial bodies is transformed into another vibration level corresponding to the interior of the galaxy. This course affects the magnetic fields of all celestial bodies, which in turn, by their cosmic radiation, affect the climate of the Earth. Because of this, climate change is a fact. Scientists around the world carry out active research on climate-regulating cosmic radiation, not possible to exert an effect on from the Earth. The effect of cosmic radiation on the Earth can only be forestalled by a new type of architecture, so-called ‘cosmic architecture’. It is more stable and better suited to cope with natural disasters in connection with climate changes.

Cosmic Architecture if the Architecture for the future.

The axis of the Earth

The Earth’s spin axis is tilted with respect to the plane of the Earth's solar orbit by 23.5°. It is interesting that a gradual dislocation of the Earth’s axis is taking place. This also affects the climate changes. Should it ‘tip over’ completely to accomplish its cycle, large areas now under water will rise and vice versa. A combination of the greenhouse effect, cosmic radiation and a ‘tip-over’ would cause the worst possible natural disaster a planet could meet with. The Earth faces this combination of natural disasters and it is only a matter of time before they will occur.

It is very important to find out about what climate changes really are. Which is the basic cause for them? Which world do we inhabit? What is Universe? When everybody is aware of what climate changes really are, that there is nothing to do about them but to plan and to build in new ways, in order to be able to go living on this planet, money will be spent around the world. Then time will be ripe for new ideas concerning economy and climate changes. Either you invest capital to keep and prolong life here on Earth or you invest to earn short-term money only.

In UFO research there information that the speed of light is around 750,000 km per second. Should this rumour prove true, the distance between our solar system and the centre of the Milky Way would be halved, to 14,000 light years.

It has been known for a long time that the black hole exists. We also know that a new world turns up in the black hole. What is new, however, is that there is a gate to a certain vibration level there, and that all living materia in the form of suns, stars, planets and moons are transformed into the correct vibration level on their way through the black hole. In other words, the black hole is a materia transformer to the interior of the galaxy. See more at the link Universe and you will discover the whole context.

New Astronomical Discovery

Dark Galaxy

At the end of February, 2005, the following could be read in the newspapers: ‘Dark Galaxy a Space Break-through.’ The dark galaxy was found at a distance of 50 million light years by two radio telescopes in British Cheshire and in Puerto Rico. It was found in the constellation Virgo and was named Virgo H121.

A dark galaxy contains a large mass of materia rotating like that of an ordinary galaxy, but without stars. Earlier similar discoveries have, after close scrutiny, displayed stars. Virgo H121 does not display any visible traces of stars.

This discovery of the dark galaxy further confirms that a black hole in the centre finally absorbs all stars. Thereby the galaxy Virgo H121 has lost the visible exterior contact with the other galaxies. In the interior of the galaxy, a new world is being created. The galaxy Virgo H121 is far ahead of us, i.e. our galaxy the Milky Way, which is also on its way to become a dark galaxy.

Even the Bible talks about this: ”/…/ the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, And the stars of heaven shall fall, and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken /…./” …. And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars….

The discovery mentioned above strengthens the effect of cosmic radiation in connection with climate change

On our way to a higher vibration level

Renovation of Matter

In February 2005 you could read that astronomers have discovered a dark galaxy in the Virgo constellation. The dark galaxy was able to confirm that black holes in the centre of each galaxy attract all celestial bodies and finally form a dark galaxy. You could also, in February 2006 read the following about the new discovery: ‘Black holes give birth to stars
Researchers at the University of Leicester in England and the German Max Planck Institut für Astrophysik have found that a black hole at the centre of the Milky Way generates stars instead of eating them.

Encircling the black hole is a row of stars at a distance of just one light year. Stars should not be formed that close to a black hole. Thus, one has assumed so far that the stars have been born 100 light years further away and then moved closer to the hole. According to the English and German astronomers there is however one glitch in this theory. To be able to survive a 100 light year-journey the number of stars must be vast and should among other things contain hundreds of thousands of so-called light stars. Now the NASA Chandra Observatory has fixed its eyes upon the black hole and has proved there are no light stars there. Thus, it is clear the stars close to the hole cannot have come from far away but must have been formed by gas and dust located in a disc around the hole.

The Chandra Observatory turns towards the centre of the Milky Way, where the black hole exists. The arrow points to the radio source SgrA*, where the black hole is to be found.

With this discovery the astronomers prove that the celestial bodies undergo a so-called matter transformation process,i.e. the matter renovates itself the closer the bodies get to the black hole. They could also discover that the stars/celestial bodies which exist in a disc around the hole consist of gas and dust. Stars in the proximity of a black hole cannot appear in the form of gas and dust. Close to black holes their last transformation process takes place before they invisibly disappear into the black hole. If you know what Universe is and if you are familiar with the role of a galaxy, you will know that this is a natural, unavoidable process. Thereby it is also impossible to alter climate changes.
See also the link ‘The Dark Matter’.

The Dark Matter
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